Victory Crown “Slick” Pomade

Victory Crown “Slick” Pomade

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“Have you ever seen Mad Men? With that one boss dude, Don Draper? Well, Slick pomade will essentially make your hair look like his. Oh shoot, you have no clue what we are talking about, huh? Hmmmm … you know Danny Zuko from Grease? Ya, the guy who just slides his comb through his greasy pompadour with a perfect curl in the middle of his forehead. We can’t guarantee the perfect curl but we can guarantee our Slick will help you attain that greasy pompadour. The Greasers inspired our founder, Anthony, to create Slick in the early 2000s.

All pop culture references aside–whether you’re heading to a marketing meeting at the top of a skyscraper in New York City or rolling to your local car show, this pomade is essential.

Well, wasn’t that long-winded? Long story short … it is our high hold high shine water soluble pomade.

Apply a fingernail size amount of Slick pomade to dry hair. Evenly distribute product throughout. Comb in the direction of desired style.

PRO TIP: The Slick pomade can be blow dried into a matte finish”